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Friendly Reminder to Adhere to Prescribing Laws and Rules

Dear Esteemed Dentist:
This is a friendly reminder to ensure that you are aware and adhering to Ohio’s Automated Rx Reporting System (OARRS) statute, updated rule 4715-6-01, Standards and Procedures for Review of OARRS, and opioid prescribing guidelines developed by the Governor’s Cabinet Opiate Action Team.  For your convenience, related documents are attached to this letter. 

As you already know, prescription opioids are a significant contributor to unintentional drug overdose deaths in Ohio.  Dentists have an opportunity to lead the way in preventing prescription drug misuse, abuse and overdose incidents.  In this regard, we strongly urge you to please follow all applicable laws and rules along with leveraging a potpourri of tools at your disposal.  Some of these tools consist of:

• Acute prescribing video at
Prevention of prescription opioid abuse: The role of the dentist - University of Kentucky 
Prescriber guidelines at
OARRS website at 
Printable pocket cards for prescribers at
Online video tutorial for prescribers at
Online video tutorials on how to register, run and read a patient report in the OARRS system at

Please understand that it is the intention of the Dental Board to fully enforce all applicable OARRS laws and rules through a new monthly OARRS monitoring protocol being established.  Data from OARRS will be reviewed for non-compliance indicators that may lead to an inquiry for a marginal concern and an investigation for a substantial concern.  

Thanking you in advance for your anticipated support in Ohio’s fight against prescription opioid abuse.


Marybeth D. Shaffer, DMD                                                                     Harry N. Kamdar, MBA

Board President                                                                                       Executive Director

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