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Friendly alert for License Renewals for Dentist - DEA and OARRS registration

As a part of Ohio's continuing effort to curb the misuse and abuse of prescription pain...
ORC 4715.14(2)(a) states in relevant part: … “in the case of a licensee seeking registration who prescribes or personally furnishes opioid analgesics or benzodiazepines, as defined in section 3719.01 of the Revised Code, the licensee shall certify to the board whether the licensee has been granted access to the drug database established and maintained by the state board of pharmacy pursuant to section 4729.75 of the Revised Code.

The requirement in division (A)(2)(a) of this section does not apply if any of the following is the case: (i) The state board of pharmacy notifies the state dental board pursuant to section 4729.861 of the Revised Code that the licensee has been restricted from obtaining further information from the drug database. (ii) The state board of pharmacy no longer maintains the drug database. (iii) The licensee does not practice dentistry in this state.”

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