How do I... Change in Name, Address, ect.

How do I...

Change My Address?

1. Log into your account ( and click the “OPTIONS” button found on your license.

2. Click on “Change Address”.

a. Add New Address First, then click “SAVE”.
b. Choose Mailing Address and either check box “Use as Public Address”, or select a different Public Address. 
c. Click “SUBMIT”. – Once submitted, the address is updated automatically. 

Note:  Only City and State show on the public lookup, no matter listing.  

Dentists only: Your primary office location should be listed as your Public Address and may also be used as your mailing address if you choose. Additional office locations should be listed under Employment History (CHANGE EMPLOYER). If you are not currently practicing, you may list your home address or a PO Box.


Change My Employer?

1. Log into your account ( and click the “OPTIONS” button found on your license. 

2. Click on “Change Employer”.


4. Complete required information, and click “ADD”.

5. Click “DONE”. – Once submitted, this information is updated automatically. 


Change My Name?

1. Log into your account ( and click the “OPTIONS” button found on your license.

2. Click on “Change Name”, and complete the required information.


4. Upload one of the accepted documents listed below:

a. Marriage Certificate/Abstract
b. Divorce Decree 
c. Court Record indicating change of name 
d. Documentation from another state/county consistent with the laws of that jurisdiction

5. Click “Submit”.  

6. Service requests are processed within 7 business days.   

7. If you need a wall license with your new name, please submit an email to requesting these documents and reference Name Change. 

Please Note: Name changes need only be completed for one license type and will automatically update any additional license type(s). 

Request License Verification Letter

To request a Verification of Licensure from the OSDB, please submit your request in writing with a pre-addressed, stamped envelope made out to the state/individual to whom the letter is being sent. 

There is not a fee associated with this request. 

Verification letters may take up to two business days to process and a couple of weeks to be received by the recipient via mail.  

Request Portal Login Information: eLicense

Send an email to and include the following information:

1.    Full Name

2.    License/Certificate/Registration Number

3.    Personal Email Address

4.    Subject Line = Registration Request